Why should I choose Discount Auto and Transmission Repair Auto & Diesel Repair for my car repairs?

Dependability and affordability. We are certified in all auto repairs and have the expertise and to make sure you car is repaired properly the first time. We understand that car repairs can be unexpected and do our best to give you the best value in the automotive industry.

How much can I expect to save with the auto maintenance packages?
Depends on which package you choose. When you consider that most oil change places charge $30 to $35 for a basic oil change, you will save at least $35 with just our Silver maintenance package. You will save hundred’s or even thousand’s with our Gold, Platinum, or Lifetime VIP plans. Pay once and enjoy the benefits of our car maintenance packages all year round!
How long have you been selling these auto maintenance packages?

Over eight years. Over that time we have saved thousands of dollars on car repairs for our customers and made many long term friends.

How can you afford to offer these auto maintenance plans?
We have found over the years, that by giving value to our customers we can expect repeat business which reduces the amount of expensive advertising that we have to do. It’s simple; saving you money on your car repair saves us money on our advertising.
What if I buy one of the vehicle maintenance packages and I am not completely satisfied?
We take service seriously and want to make you happy. If you are unhappy with any of our auto maintenance packages we will make it right, or we will prorate the unused portion of the auto maintenance package and cheerfully refund your money.
What brand of parts and oils do you use?
Mostly Advance Auto Parts brand parts. We use Havoline brand motor oils. We use the weight that is specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle, whether it be 10W30 or 5W30 etc, and we use Advance Auto Parts brand oil filters. All of their parts meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications and experience has shown us that they stand behind their parts. Even when parts were out of warranty, we have seen numerous examples of Advance making a part good for a customer.
Will I get an estimate before any car repairs are performed on my vehicle?
Absolutely. We communicate with you throughout all car repairs and get you’re your authorization before any repairs are performed so you won’t get a surprise bill. We make sure you know before you owe!
What types of equipment do you use to help make sure you perform the correct car repair?
Mostly Snap on tools and equipment. From the Solus EESC310 diagnostic scanning tool to the Vantage MT2400 graphing diagnostic machine to the EEBC500 charging system analyzer. We also use Robinar equipment for air conditioning system recharging. All of our equipment is state of the art which is important because having updated equipment ensures that we repair your vehicle to manufacturer’s specifications.
Do you always recommend additional car repairs on my vehicle like those fast oil change places?
Absolutely not. We know customers have been sold unnecessary car repairs by other fast oil change places and we just don’t work that way. The only time we recommend something for your auto, is when it is necessary for the safety or reliability of your vehicle, and we will always welcome you in to our shop to inspect and take the time to explain any car repairs that your vehicle may need.
What types of vehicle do you perform car repairs on?
We perform auto repairs on all foreign and domestic vehicles. With dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of models we continue to be able provide you with the best service because we subscribe Alldata vehicle information services.

ALLDATA Repair is the #1 provider of OE professional service and repair information. It covers more than 22,000 engine-specific vehicles from 1982-to-current. Today’s complex vehicles require accurate and easily accessible information for efficient and safe repairs.

Do you work on hybrids vehicles?

Absolutely. We specialize in hybrids and have the updated information and equipment to work on today’s hybrid electric systems. Most car repair shops will tell you they can fix it, but in the end, it wind’s up here, at Discount Auto and Transmission Repair so that the repair can be be diagnosed and performed properly.

Can I watch the repairs be performed on my car?
Sure. Our lobbies have large glass windows which allow you watch us perform all auto service’s on your vehicle
Can I see the old parts that were replaced on my car?
Always. Just let us know in advance and we will be happy to save the parts the old parts for your inspection. If you would like to keep the old parts you are welcome to do that also. Please be aware that all auto parts stores will charge us a “core charge” on some parts like alternators and batteries and that we will have to pass those charges on if you decide to keep the old part.
How do you determine how much an auto repair should be?

Our car repair prices are based on labor times provided by the Alldata Labor Guide, which is the labor repair times provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle. If repairs shops don’t use a labor guide, then they are just making up prices, and charging higher prices to customers that know less about repairs. With Discount Auto and Transmission Repair you’ll know you are always getting a fair price and not being overcharged.

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